Pixii, with its wealth of expertise in power conversion and energy storage, is at the forefront of innovation in the industry. Their core competence lies in power conversion between the grid, renewable energy sources, and batteries, which plays a crucial role in facilitating the green shift toward a more electrified and sustainable future.

The electrification of transportation, the fluctuations in energy prices, and the transition to weather-dependent renewable energy require flexible and scalable energy storage solutions. Pixii recognizes the pressing need for sustainability and provides modular and scalable battery energy storage systems (BESS) that contribute to a greener future. These systems, ranging from a few kW to MWs, are applied in various markets, including EV charging, distribution system operators (DSOs), and residential and commercial applications. Pixii’s commitment to sustainability is evident in their contributions to optimizing solar energy use, peak shaving, arbitrage, and participation in flexibility markets.

Pixii is headquartered in Norway, with its European sales headquarter in Germany and a global reach through offices and partners in several countries. With a global presence, Pixii is well-positioned to support clients worldwide in their journey toward a greener and more sustainable future, and their recent profitability in 2022 highlights their rapid growth and success in this endeavor.

Modular energy storage – Flexibility made simple.