Pixii has a wealth of expertise in power conversion and energy storage. With decades of experience in design, manufacturing, and sales of modular power conversion solutions, they have established themselves as the innovative leaders in the industry.

The electrification of transportation, the fluctuations in energy prices and the transition to weather-dependent renewable energy requires flexible and scalable energy storage solutions. There will simply be no green shift without batteries.

Pixii provide modular and scalable battery energy storage systems (BESS) from a few kW to MWs used in a wide range of markets; EV charging, distribution system operators (DSOs) and many other residential and commercial applications. Typical services include optimised use of solar energy, peak shaving, arbitrage and participation in flexibility markets.

Pixii’s core competence is power conversion between the grid, renewable energy sources and batteries. Excess energy from the grid or alternative energy sources can be transferred and stored in batteries and be used when energy prices are high, or the grid is too weak to supply the power or energy you need. 

Pixii is headquartered in Norway, with its European sales headquarter in Germany and a global reach through offices and partners in several countries. Pixii is committed to helping clients around the world transition to a more electrified and sustainable future.

Pixii turned profitable in 2022 and is a very fast-growing company.

Modular energy storage – Flexibility made simple.