Eltek Holding goes digital -
acquires interests in Creuna and The Future Group

Two digital forerunners define new sector of Eltek Holdings portfolio.

Eltek Holding goes digital - acquires interests in Creuna and The Future Group

Eltek Holding recently acquired approximately 10 % of Creuna and the Future Group. The two companies are completely independent of each other, apart from the fact that Eltek Holding now has invested in both of them.

Creuna is a well established Nordic consultancy and supplier of communication solutions, primarily digital. Creuna has offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, and more than 300 employees, and an impressive customer list.

Creuna has a Nordic strategy, spearheaded by well-performing local companies, particularly in Norway and Sweden. Creuna focuses on innovation, with a unique capability to deliver integrated solutions.

Creuna is well positioned to exploit the opportunities of the ever stronger wave of digitalization.

The Future Group is a startup that has developed a social entertainment platform for TV, mobile devices and desktop that lets people play in and actually enter a fully-rendered 3D environment where the real and imagined worlds become one.

The Future Group introduces a combined TV, gaming and product experience within a social context.

A weekly prime-time game show debuting worldwide in 2016 from one of the world’s largest production companies will use Future Group technology to allow contestants to enter and interact with virtual environments for televised competition. Millions of home viewers will also compete against the game show participants and/or friends and family in the effort to win prizes.

Contact person

Birgitte Feginn Angelil


Birgitte's expertise and experience lies within branding and digital business development. Prior to joining Eltek Holding in 2015, she was Director of Business Development at Creuna, a Nordic integrated communications and digital solutions agency, playing a key role in the company’ successful growth and development.

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